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Meet the chef

Mariana Tamiozzy is a vegan chef from São Paulo, Brazil, who specializes in healthy and delicious cooking.

She has been vegan herself for several years, and she uses her passion for plant-based cuisine to create dishes that are both flavorful and nutritious.

Mariana uses only natural and mostly organic ingredients in her cooking, and she maximizes the taste and quality of her dishes with her expert skills and creativity. She also uses seasonal ingredients, so her menu is always changing and offering something fresh and new.

After years of working as a personal chef in Brazil, Mariana decided to expand her horizons and move to Miami, Florida, and then to New York City. In New York, she has worked with catering, dinners, and events, including some with Top Chef Sam Talbot.

Mariana is a talented and passionate chef who is dedicated to creating healthy and delicious vegan food for everyone. If you're looking for a way to start your healthy life, look no further than Mariana Tamiozzy!

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